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College life is synonymous with personal fulfillment and educational enrichment. At the University of South Carolina, students are accustomed to embracing and supporting their peers in the Gamecock community. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and plans are put on hold. With The Gamecock Foundation, students affected by these unfortunate circumstances are offered a second chance; a fresh opportunity that provides them the assistance and emotional support to thrive in and conquer personal adversity.

Resonating with this message and the purpose of the Foundation, a wise man once said, “You must be the change that you wish to see in the world.” We, as a foundation, take that statement as an open challenge to uphold a moral standard while conversely serving as a financial sanctuary and facilitator to Gamecocks in need.

We invite each and every member of the Gamecock community to join us in this initiative and to give a little while putting their best foot forward. Even a little aid can go a long way. Whether it is for medical, educational, or emotional support, we ensure that our mission to provide for the sustainability and well-being of students in need will be continuously upheld.

As Gamecocks, we are all proud to be part of an established, supportive community and we, occasionally, tend to get “Cocky.” But that is ok, because we should all be “Cocky” for charity!

Need Help?

If you are a student in need and would like to apply for aid from the foundation press the button to apply.